Warehouse Policy

Our facilities are held to the highest standards with regular maintenance, spot-checking, quality control and surveillance. For products with expiry dates, we organize shipments using the First In, First Out (FIFO) system so your customers are guaranteed to receive their products in optimal condition and you eliminate wasting of consumable products that have degraded over time. Temperatures are monitored and regulated so your products are preserved and held according to government guidelines that ensure we always pass routine safety and sanitation inspections. Our staff is trained to uphold these standards at all times.


Inventory Management

Your items are associated to a unique SKU number that helps us identify and track your inventory. If any of your products require SKU labeling, we are happy to provide this service. Our state-of-the-art inventory management system allows you to track your items across our Toronto warehouse locations.


Security and Insurance

Our warehouses are equipped with fire suppression and sprinkler systems as well as 24 hour surveillance and controlled access to ensure the safety of your products. Our experienced warehouse staff has implemented a streamlined packaging process to prevent items from being lost or damaged during the shipping and handling process.