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All pricing listed above is in Canadian dollars.

Given the significant amount of labor and costs incurred during order cancellation, we put together a pricing scale that will generally cover the fees charged to us. You have a free 30 min window to contact us for any modification/cancellation of your order at

IMPORTANT: The prices listed above pertain to the shipping and handling of standard sized products and parcels. Larger, heavier, awkwardly shaped, or hazardous items that require extra attention may vary in rate depending on the aforementioned details and the additional measures required. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

† Only available for B2B and not B2C shipping purposes.

* Includes labor & all material (pallet, corners, shrink wrap, etc.)

** Prices vary according to size, shape, and other variables

*** If exceeding 1.5 hours of support a month

InterFulfillment does not act as a broker for its merchants. In the event that brokerage charges are paid for on a merchant’s behalf when receiving delivery of a shipment to our facility, we will charge the merchant a $10 flat fee and the cost of the brokerage fee paid plus 10%.

Please be advised that annually, as per industry standards, major carriers such as Canada Post, Purolator, FedEx, UPS, and others tend to adjust their shipping rates for the year ahead. According to carriers, this generally consists of modest rate adjustments for various shipping services in order to address changes in the marketplace. These rate adjustments are entirely out of the control of InterFulfillment and your Dedicated Account Manager.