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Reduce shipping times and save a minimum of $3.50* per order on carrier costs by shipping your B2C and B2B parcels locally from a full-service order fulfillment center owned and operated by InterFulfillment in Toronto and Vancouver.

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost analysis. 

Order Fulfillment Center
Vancouver and Toronto Order Fulfillment

Localized Order Fulfillment Services from Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

The Leading Canadian Order Fulfillment Center

Experience an eCommerce fulfillment solution custom-built around your business needs. Quick, flexible, responsive, and cost-effective order fulfillment services.

All orders entered into our system prior to 12 PM EST will be processed and shipped the very same day. Guaranteed! It is time to meet or exceed your customer’s order fulfillment expectations!

We have you covered coast-to-coast! Two full-service warehouses located in  in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and one in Vancouver.

Contact our Customer Care team by phone, email or our support portal. We understand your fulfillment requirements, are always easy to reach, and are always eager to help!

Our warehouse operation processes orders from 7 AM ET to 11 PM ET to ensure all orders received prior to 1 PM ET are shipped the very same day!

We believe in retaining our clients with superior service and support, not long-term binding contracts.

Your account can be ready to process orders as soon as your inventory is in our system.

We offer the capability to integrate your sales channels with our system and automate your order transmission.

Select multiple options from a wide variety of carrier and services and let our RateShop system select the most cost effective shipping rate for each of your shipments!

Our operation has the capability of scaling to accommodate increased order volume at a moment’s notice. Giving you the peace of mind to know your InterFulfillment services will scale as quickly as your company grows and volume expands!

Use our facility addresses as your products return address, and your customers can return your products directly to us, and they can be re-added to inventory should they meet your quality standards.

Our facilities are 3PL NPN (Natural Product Number) certified to handle and ship natural products on behalf of our customers.

"InterFulfillment is an industry leading Canadian order fulfillment center. We will work closely with you to analyze your exact needs and provide you with a cost-effective turnkey solution. Our customer service team is on-site, which means when they are reached via phone, email or ticketing system, they are standing by to assist you with a direct line to our operation. Our Warehouse Supervisors, Project Managers and Warehouse Associates have vast experience and can handle even the most demanding multi-channel order processing, Kitting, Cross-Docking and Project fulfillment requirements."


Prepare to focus on selling your products with the 3PL logistics freedom you've been dreaming of!

The InterFulfillment Advantage is that we will handle your Canadian order fulfillment requirements as if we are part of your company. This will not only give you peace of mind and full control of your supply chain but also allow you to take full advantage of fantastic localized Canadian shipping rates.

Store Your Products Securely

Store the products you sell in our secure facilities so that when you transmit an order we are ready to ship it immediately.

Transmit Your Orders

Set up a pre-wired connection to your sales-channels, upload orders into our system manually or do both.

Enjoy Same-Day Shipping

Any order you entered into our system prior to the daily processing deadline (12 PM EST) will ship out the very same day.

Partner With A Reliable Fulfillment Company And Begin Shipping Your Orders Locally Today.​

Request a quote today and your company can be the next InterFulfillment third-party logistics success story!

GoDaddy 3PL Order Fulfillment
"We’ve partnered with InterFulfillment for many years, to manage our marketing fulfillment needs. Not only are they reliable and dependable to work with, but also trustworthy to ensure our goods and marketing products are in great care. I can always count on their team to deliver high-quality services with great customer service."
Young Lee
Marketing Director, GoDaddy Canada

Personalized eCommerce Fulfillment Services that Cater to Your Business Needs

Our sales team will work with you to understand your D2C / Direct to Customer and B2B 3PL shipping requirements and provide you with the best possible pricing.

3PL Order Fulfillment Center
Request an Order Fulfillment Quote

"We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solution for eCommerce companies. That's why we will take the time to understand your business model and create a tailored service proposal that will provide you with the best possible pricing while giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business while we handle the order fulfillment!"

Welcome to InterFulfillment: The Canadian Direct to Consumer and B2B Order Fulfillment Experts

You have a great business, now you need a great fulfillment partner! At InterFulfillment we take care of everything you need to ship your products across the globe! We handle everything you need, from A to Z, and hassle-free! Truly versatile 3PL order fulfillment made easy!


Our RateShop feature will automatically shop for the cheapest carrier rate for each one of your orders!

Choosing the most cost-effective carrier rate for each and every one of your orders is tedious, but can save you big! The InterFulfillment RateShop feature will take all the guesswork out of it for you. With RateShop enabled, every time you upload an order our system will choose the best rate for you!

Shipping Order Accuracy
0 %
On Every Order Shipped
Save $ 0 0*
Faster Order Delivery
0 %**
To RateShop® From
0 Carriers

*Based on a 1 lb shipment. **Based on shipping orders from Toronto to Ontario area versus from Vancouver and vice versa.

Outstanding On-Site Customer Care that is Friendly, Responsive and Comprehensive

Dedicated Account Manager

We’re a phone call away. Our team is there to support you and answer your questions as quickly. As an integral part of your Canadian operations, we strive to offer you superior customer service and support.

Order Processing

Our experienced staff takes pride in ensuring that your products are packaged accurately (UCC-128, ASN labels, Commercial invoices etc) so your customers receive exactly what they ordered in perfect condition.


"I am proud that at InterFulfillment our account holders come first. It is a core part of our culture. Our support team is on-site. This means when one of our customers make a request, we have a direct line to our operation. We understand that responding to support requests in a timely fashion is paramount when it comes to the fast-paced world of eCommerce order fulfillment. My department's focus is to get things done the right way, and quickly!"

Take Full Control of Your Order Fulfillment Working Closely with Our World-Class, On-Site Customer Care Team.

“Always a pleasure to deal with these guys, they’re very professional. Best fulfillment company if you are in the eCommerce space.”
Pramod Bhat
via Google Reviews
“Had a great experience with helpful and patient employees! The service is very efficient and I plan on using it again in the future."
Vanessa Stefaniuk
via Google Reviews​

We're All About Providing Flexible, Cost-Effective eCommerce Focused Order Fulfillment Services

No two eCommerce businesses are truly the same, that is why we have built the most flexible operation in the industry, capable of meeting even the most demanding order fulfillment requirements.

Health Canada Site Licensed

Canadian Order fulfillment Provider for Natural Health Products

Start Shipping From Canada and Benefit from Localized Shipping that will Reduce Cost and Shipping Time.

"InterFulfillment's entire team has been amazing to work with. They helped our company expand across the US/Canada border to be able to offer intra-Canada fulfillment to our CA customer base. Everybody from their sales, IT, account manager, support teams, etc etc were a pleasure to deal with. They provided all of the aspects we would expect out of a 3PL - quick and thorough responses, suggested creative solutions for fulfillment and non-fulfillment related issues we were facing, and much more. All with a professional and courteous demeanor. Unfortunately, our company's expansion into intra-CA fulfillment didn't work out long-term but InterFulfillment's team was amazing to work with even up to the termination of our fulfillment account with them. I highly recommend InterFulfillment!"
Andrew Sutton
Head of Operations and Fulfillment, Tipsy Elves

Take Advantage of the State-of-the-Art InterFulfillment Customer Portal

All your order information, from all your sales channels, all at your fingertips. Our state-of-art customer portal is easy to use an accessible from anywhere you can access a web browser!

InterFulfillment WMS
Order Fulfillment Center WMS

Powered by 3PL Central

The InterFulfillment Customer Portal is Build Around 3PL Central's Easy-to-Use Warehouse Management Software


Connect your eCommerce website to our system and automatically transmit your orders!

Our pre-wired connections will automatically transmit your orders from your sales channels like Shopify or WooCommerce, or powerful shipping platforms like ShipStation to our system. That means no data entry for your and your team. Once the order is in our system, our team will ship it the very same day. Once shipped our system will update the order’s status and send a tracking number to your platform! Request an order fulfillment quote today!

Partner With InterFulfillment And Streamline Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Third-Party Logistics.

Take your order fulfillment to the next level with InterFulfillment!

It all starts here! Request a quote and quickly get a personalized service agreement in place that will free up your time by putting your B2C and B2B order fulfillment in the hands of the professionals so you can focus on expanding your business!

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost-analysis.