The eCommerce multi-channel Canadian 3PL solution that's built around your business.

Call now or request a quote to learn how we can save you time and money with your eCommerce order fulfillment needs. Services available from 3 fully owned and operated order fulfillment centers in Toronto and Vancouver!

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify as a viable InterFulfillment merchant candidate, you must meet the following criteria: You have fewer than 1500 SKUs. You average between 50 and 50,000 orders shipped per week, depending on the scope of work. You don’t sell any regulated or perishable products. Seasonal and project accounts are welcome.

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost analysis. 

"At InterFulfillment we think of you as more than just another customer. We take time to understand what makes you unique, so we can provide you with world-class eCommerce order fulfillment services. We consider our customers our partners and it is a privilege to serve as an third-party logistics extension to countless innovative businesses all over the world!"

Adayra Lopez
Sales Manager, InterFulfillment Inc.


We handle your order fulfillment, so you can focus on growing your business!

InterFulfillment is a worldwide eCommerce order fulfillment provider that ships orders on behalf of companies directly to their consumers. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and scalable industry-leading Canadian order fulfillment services to innovative businesses all over the world.

"We’ve partnered with InterFulfillment for many years, to manage our marketing fulfillment needs. Not only are they reliable and dependable to work with, but also trustworthy to ensure our goods and marketing products are in great care. I can always count on their team to deliver high-quality services with great customer service."
Young Lee
Marketing Director, GoDaddy Canada


Just imagine what you can accomplish with the InterFulfillment team in your corner.

We have assembled the best warehouse team in the industry. Each of our team members brings intuitive fulfillment skills and experience to the table. InterFulfillment is not a copy and paste third-party logistics provider, our team takes time to understand your business. We can’t wait for you to learn first-hand that we will treat your orders as if they are our very own. Truly seamless order fulfillment! 

Our General Manager

Derek brings over 20 years of order fulfillment and warehousing experience to the table. He is hands-on and oversees our operation from top to bottom. He has his finger on the pulse of every department, from our offices to our facilities. This is someone you can rely on to oversee your logistics with integrity!

Our Operation Supervisors

Our supervisors are a key part of our team. They work side-by-side with our associates on a daily basis and ensure safety and productivity. They understand the meaning of the word team and have extensive backgrounds in warehousing and eCommerce order fulfillment.

Our Warehouse Associates

Each and every one of our Warehouse Associates has been vetted and trained to understand the nuances of eCommerce order fulfillment and the proof is in our services. No two eCommerce companies are the same and no two have the same shipping requirements. Our team gets it!

Official Order Fulfillment Partner of the Walmart Canada Marketplace

Site Licensed Fulfillment Centres Permitted to Handle Perishable Health Products

Start Shipping From Canada and Benefit from Localized Shipping that will Reduce Cost and Shipping Time.

Over 110,000 square feet of full-service order fulfillment space coast-to-coast across Canada!

InterFulfillment Toronto Warehouse 1
420 Finchdene Square
Toronto, Ontario
M1X 1C2 Canada
InterFulfillment Toronto Warehouse 2
478 Finchdene Square
Toronto, Ontario
M1X 1C2 Canada
InterFulfillment Toronto Warehouse 3
We are excited to announce a 3rd Toronto area order fulfillment facility coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.
InterFulfillment Vancouver Warehouse
1487 Lindsey Place
Vancouver, British Columbia
V3M 6V1 Canada


Whatever Your Business Model is, We Have the Capabilities to Ship on Your Behalf

"The Canadian Paralympic Committee contracts InterFulfillment to pick & pack Team Clothing and ship orders to Athletes across Canada ahead of their participation in Parapan and Paralympic Games. The services they provide are consistently timely, detailed, and accurate. The Customer Service Team, Sales Representatives, and Warehouse Staff are easy to work with and always responsive. We trust the Team at InterFulfillment to consistently deliver exceptional services for our Canadian Athletes."
Stephanie Johnson
Manager, Games Operations & Delivery, Canadian Paralympic Committee


InterFulfillment will get your shipments to your customers without you ever lifting a finger!

When it comes to eCommerce order fulfillment it is all about automation. You want to know that when a customer places an order on one of your sales channels, the shipment will be picked and packed according to your specifications and shipped the very same day. Say ‘hello’ to InterFulfillment!

We store your products.

Store Your Inventory at Our Facilities

Ship your inventory to be stored at our secure fulfillment centers so we are ready to ship orders for your products immediately.

You sell your products.

Connect Your Sales Channels and Platforms

Start by connecting your online shop and marketplace accounts to our system or begin uploading orders manually.

We ship your products.

Daily Shipments Directly to Your Customers

Whenever a customer places an order on your website or on an online marketplace, it will be processed the very same day!

Partner With InterFulfillment And Streamline Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Third-Party Logistics.

Take Advantage of the State-of-the-Art InterFulfillment Customer Portal

All your order information, from all your sales channels, all at your fingertips. Our state-of-art customer portal is easy to use and accessible from anywhere you can access a web browser!

Powered by 3PL Central

The InterFulfillment Customer Portal is Built Using 3PL Central's Easy-to-Use Warehouse Management Software


We have pre-wired connections to every major platform in the market!

Take Full Control of Your Order Fulfillment Working Closely with Our World-Class, On-Site Customer Care Team.


We have expertise in a wide variety of order fulfillment types. If you need it, we can provide it.

Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment

Backers are as excited about your latest offering as you are, you need Kickstarter fulfillment in Canada, you have come to the right place. Request a quote now and sign our praises later!

B2B and B2C Cross-Docking

You have a high volume deal with a major retailer and you need to meet your deadline and make sure you follow protocols while meeting your crucial deadlines. We have your covered!

Product Kitting and Assembly

Products arrive from your manufacturer and before they are ready to ship they require kitting or assembly. We can handle that and ship your products to your customers the very same day!

Section 321 Shipping

Countless businesses are using Section 321 to save millions of dollars and you can too. It's a simple process and we can show you how. Request more information today!

Skincare and Cosmetics Fulfillment

Skincare and Cosmetic companies can have a lot of SKUs and specific storage requirements. We welcome companies with heavy SKUs and storage climate requirements!

Walmart Canada Marketplace Fulfillment

If you're selling products on the Walmart Canada Marketplace you need a fulfillment partner that is reliable and can follow the exact protocols in place. You need InterFulfillment!


We aren't just another fulfillment company we're passionate about charity and supporting our community!

Scarborough Food Security Initiative

We are commited to doing our part to ensure local food security any way we can!

The Terry Fox Foundation

It is a great honor to donate to a charity who's work is an inspiration to all Canadians!

Bourne Garage Racing Group

Thrilled to contribute to a racing team with cars that represent our shipping speed!

Ajax Knights Atom AE Hockey Team

Proud sponsor and fans of one of our truly great local community hockey teams!

Request a quote today and your company can be the next InterFulfillment third-party logistics success story!

"When I started my own business a few years back I was looking for a fulfillment company a company that can store my products safely, ship it fast and accurately, connect with my website and keeps inventory up to date, and is able to provide great customer service in case I need help and have a question. After lots of research, I contacted a few fulfillment companies and after speaking with sales manager Adayra who answered all my questions and helped me fully understand the process, cost, etc I decided to go with InterFulfilment. Until today I did not regret one second moving forward with InterFulfillment and after 4 years I am happy that I did the right choice!"
Zeljko Jeremic

The multi-channel B2C and B2B eCommerce 3PL Canada solution built around your business.