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Do You Sell Dangerous Goods or Hazmat Products? Here is What You Need to Know When Shipping Them

Did you know that many every day items are considered dangerous goods or hazardous material products? Let's explore what you need to know if you are a merchant that needs 3PL DG or hazmat order fulfillment.

Any time you are exploring third-party logistics for your company, it typically begins with requesting an order fulfillment quote. Once you submit your quote request, that company will reach out to you to get a better understanding of the type of items you are looking to ship. As you can imagine, it seems no products are the same. Some are large, some are small, some are heavy, some are light, and some are considered or contain dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

You may be surprised what types of products are considered DG or hazmat when shipping them. Just a few examples are products that contain lithium batteries, paint, any product that contains rubbing alcohol, and even many skincare and cosmetics items (such as nail polish). When you request a quote from the 3PL order fulfillment experts at InterFulfillment they will help you determine if your items are categorized as dangerous goods or hazardous by carriers and countries.

If all or some of your products are categorized as DG or hazmat, what does that mean? Well, there are multiple aspects to consider. Let’s delve into what you need to know when shipping products like this.

Storage Conditions

This is one aspect that should not be overlooked. DG or hazmat products should always be stored in appropriate conditions. If they are not it can lead to serious safety risks. When InterFulfillment is doing a cost analysis for your order fulfillment needs, we will make sure your products are stored safely. We will outline any additional precautions or storage conditions your products require.

For example, products with lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) should be stored between 5°C to 10°C. This will sure that the batteries are not damaged over time and will be ready to ship to a happy customer or retail partner when an order is placed. Another prime example is nail polish. Every notice that many people suggest nail polish is stored in the refrigerator? That is because storing nail polish in cool conditions helps slow the discoloration and solvent evaporation of the polish, which happens as the polish gets older. A reliable order fulfillment partner understands how to store your products safely and in conditions that will not damage your items. Make sure you ask any 3PL company you are exploring a partnership with if any of your products require special storage.

Handling Protocols

I think we all understand why there need to be strict handling procedures when handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Picking, packing, and shipping products involved handling them. When it comes to dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment very strict guidelines must be in place and followed carefully.

This is an aspect of training that is emphasized to all InterFulfillment Warehouse Associates. When we are providing order fulfillment services that involve products that are or contain dangerous or hazardous materials any associate that handles your products has been trained to do so. This includes the packing process. Many times items of this nature require a very specific packing procedure, and you can rest assured this procedure will be followed each and every time without fail.

Carrier Restrictions

Once your products are picked and packed they will be ready for a carrier to pick up and deliver to their destination. Just like your order fulfillment company, carriers need to take specific handling precautions and follow procedures to ensure your DG and hazmat products get to where they need to go safely and securely. This is why each carrier requires packaging containing these products to market with a sticker and packed with care.

With a 3PL partner like InterFulfillment, you won’t need to worry about anything like that. We have experience shipping with every major global courier. We will follow their guidelines carefully. If carrier guidelines are not followed, this can result in your items being sent back or can delay your shipment. This can result in unhappy customers and even unhappy couriers. When shipping products that contain lithium batteries or that are deemed hazardous in every way, it is best to trust a professional 3PL that can give you peace of mind that all your shipments, both D2C (direct to consumer) and B2B (business to business) are handled, picked and packed correctly following each carrier guideline.

Governmental Protocols

Just like carriers, every government has standards and regulations that must be followed when shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials to or from their country. As you can imagine, these vary from country to country and are every bit as important to follow. 3PL order fulfillment companies like InterFulfillment have all these transportation standards and regulations implemented in the order fulfillment process.

What this means is that you can focus on selling your products, and not have to worry about all public safety measures in place that must be followed to ensure public safety.


If you have read this far, you can see why choosing the right 3PL to partner with for dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment is so important. It all starts with determining the specific storing, handling, and shipping process each of your products will require during the initial quote process. Then you will get a service agreement presented to you that outlines the costs of services catered to your specific needs. We are proud to be industry leaders in DG and hazmat order fulfillment segment in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. As soon as you’re ready to put the order fulfillment in the hands of the professionals simply request a quote and enjoy premium fulfillment services that will give you peace of mind, and let you focus on expanding your business without ever having to think about all these government regulations and courier guidelines!

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