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Need dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment from Canada? The 3PL order fulfillment professionals at InterFulfillment have you covered.

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"We understand that not all goods have the same requirements. Some items require special protocols in place when picking, packing and shipping them. This is the case with dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Whether you need order fulfillment for items with lithium batteries or flammable products, we have the experience and know-how to service you better than any other 3PL order fulfillment center in Canada!"

DG Contract Compliant

Fully Compliant with Carrier Dangerous Goods Regulations and Shipping Guidelines

What is 3PL Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Fulfillment?

Dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment is the act of picking, packing, and shipping of items that require special attention and handling care because they may be dangerous or hazardous otherwise. This is often referred to as TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods).

Some of these products may seem like every items to most of us. Items like paint, nail polish, and just about anything with a lithium battery in it. Some of these products are flammable and can be dangerous if not stored correctly. InterFulfillment is the leading 3PL DG and hazardous material order fulfillment center with locations in both Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. We have comprehensive experience handling these products, and making sure all carrier and governmental protocols are followed when storing and shipping them!

Canadian Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Order Fulfillment Experts

InterFulfillment is fully compliant with DG contracts issued by our shipping partners to follow dangerous goods regulations and carrier requirements. Dangerous goods parcels must be prepared in accordance with ADR regulations for ground shipments and IATA regulations for air shipments. InterFulfillment is diligent in making sure packages are correctly marked, packaged, labeled, and documented.

The advantages of Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Order Fulfillment by InterFulfillment

Personalized DG and hazardous material order fulfillment services that take care of the logistics so you can focus on sales.

Lithium Batteries Order Fulfillment

Products with lithium batteries have never been more popular, but there are specific requirements in place by carriers for shipments containing them. We will follow dangerous goods transportation protocols and make sure your products get to your customers safely.

Hazardous Material Order Fulfillment

You may not view a product as hazardous, but when stored at an improper temperature or packed incorrectly they can presents a huge challenge. We take extra precautions to ensure every day items like paint or nail polish are fulfilled safely.

Aerosol Products Order Fulfillment

We all have experience with these types of products. Seems like aerosol cans have been around forever. But if you sell these products online and ship them, you must ensure that the conditions they are stored in and the way they are handled is as secure as possible.

Flammable Goods Order Fulfillment

Many would be surprised how many different products we use every day classify as flammable goods. Pretty much that contains alcohol, like certain hand satizers and cosmetics are highly flammable and have very unique conditions that must be met when shipping.

Trust InterFulfillment for your dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment needs in Canada!

InterFulfillment Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Fulfillment FAQ

Our sales department will review every aspect of your products with you when you request a quote. Should any of your products require special storage or shipping you will be the first to know.

Yes, although all your products will be shipping from InterFulfillment warehouse facilities in Canada, each carrier and destination country have different transportation policies and requirements. Our team is well versed in these policies and will ensure all parcels fulfilled on your behalf follow them.

Not necessarily. Every situation is different depending on numerous factors. One thing that is certain is our sales department will work with you to outline your exact order fulfillment requirements and provide you with the most cost-ffective service quote possible.

That is no problem. At InterFulfillment we pride ourselves on providing custom order fulfillment services catered to your business. Many of our merchants ship a wide variety of products and we will store and ship each one following its own specific protocols.

Yes, carriers have very strict protocols that must be followed when shipping products with lithium batteries or lithium batters themselves. Rest assured your lithium batteries or lithium battery powered products will be stored and shipped ensuring they remain safe from damage and follow carrier and governmental requirements.

Absolutely, yes! InterFulfillment puts you in full control of your 3PL order fulfillment. You are in the driver’s seat. You pick when, where and how your products are shipped, and we make it happen. Whether it is small parcel B2C order or large palletized B2B orders, we will ship each of your orders with the same care and attention to detail.

Yes, our order fulfillment warehouse facilities in both Vancouver and Toronto, Canada are equipped to both store and ship DG and hazmat products. All of our Warehouse Associates are comprehensively trained by our managers and supervisors that put safety first while emphasizing your shipping requirements and following carrier and governmental protocols.

As soon as you request a quote, we will be in touch with you to outline the order fulfillment services you need. We will put together a personalized proposal for you, and once your review and sign it, you are all set to ship your inventory to us. Once your inventory arrives and your account is set-up, you are ready to start shipping immediately!

Have any other specific questions about InterFulfillment? Request a quote or contact us!

What are you waiting for? Let InterFulfillment take care of dangerous goods/hazmat fulfillment protocols while you focus on sales!

We will handle everything from A to Z so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Let’s get started!

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost-analysis.