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InterFulfillment Expands with New 3PL Order Fulfillment Center in Ontario

On June 1st, 2022, InterFulfillment held a Grand Opening for the new 3PL Fulfillment Center and Headquarters located in Ontario, Canada!

TORONTO, June 14, 2022 – Shortly after expanding operations to the west coast of Canada with a new Vancouver order fulfillment facility, InterFulfillment sent a clear message. We are not done yet. Not by a long shot. On June 1st, 2022 InterFulfillment held a Grand Opening for a brand new 3PL order fulfillment center in Ontario, which will serve as a headquarters and has tripled our processing and storage capacity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)!

Speaking with InterFulfillment General Manager, Derek Antram, you could just feel the excitement. “This is not just about getting more space, this is about revamping our current operation to bolster our services even further,” Derek explained.

“I can say with confidence, that not only will be able to service more customers than ever, but we will be able to serve them better than ever! We have customers of all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of requirements, and being able to adjust our operation with triple the capacity is a real game-changer!”

That being said, this monumental expansion is not just about improving current services. We managed to touch base with Adayra Lopez, InterFulfillment Sales Manager, and learn what this Grand Opening means to her.

“There has been an overwhelming demand for multi-channel order fulfillment for both, domestic and international services. The new facility will enable InterFulfillment to help customers expand their operations without having scalability or inventory space concerns. Moreover, our customers will be able to have the opportunity to cover Canada from the East to the West Coast with an added capacity not just on room temperature storage but also for climate control storage all that supported by decades of manpower experience that will continue to strive for excellence on every order we pick, pack and ship,” Adayra stated.

There is no doubt that Adayra sees this new facility as just what our sales team needed. “With this new expansion comes a new opportunity for us to explore partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Our options are wide open! There really has never been a better time to request an order fulfillment quote from InterFulfillment and from what I have been seeing, our potential customers realize that. If you ever wanted to line up with a comprehensive 3PL operation to automate your shipping needs, please don’t hesitate! While there is more space available, I do not foresee it lasting long!”

We also managed to touch base with InterFulfillment COO Elecia Brazeau for some insight into what an expansion of this magnitude means from an operational perspective.

“There are a lot of moving parts here, not the least of which is staffing. We pride ourselves on having the most qualified Warehouse Associates in the industry. Any new InterFulfillment staff member we add must meet our standards. Tripling our Ontario 3PL fulfillment center space goes hand and hand with tripling our operation and staff. That is the human element component to expansion that is often overlooked. I am pleased to report our management team spearheaded by Derek has been able to pull this off seamlessly!”

Wow, that sounds like quite a bit to process. That begs the question, what type of new features and improvements can these recent expansions bring new and existing InterFulfillment customers?

“I could not be more thrilled at how much more comprehensive our services are because of this recent expansion. For the first time ever we are able to offer reliable multi-channel, multi-province order fulfillment services to the marketplace. This expansion, paired with our capabilities to integrate with ERP systems to handle multi-province 3PL shipping services has made us more viable than ever before. That is something I am truly proud of!” Elecia declared.

So in summary, the contents of this post are simple. This latest 3PL fulfillment center is a success. One that will not only strengthen InterFulfillment’s services but increase its overall capacity. These are exciting times for this company. We can’t be more thrilled to all be a part of it. What will come next? Well, hearing from Derek, Adayra, and Elecia we can say without hesitation that InterFulfillment will continue to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself for improvement and expansion! Stay tuned!

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