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InterFulfillment Announces Major Vancouver Order Fulfillment Operation Expansion

InterFulfillment Inc, the eCommerce order fulfillment specialists have announced that they have added a facility.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Toronto, Ontario (October 26, 2021)

InterFulfillment Inc, the eCommerce order fulfillment specialists have announced that they have added a facility. Due to overwhelming demand, they have opened a new full-service order fulfillment facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is their first fulfillment center located on the west coast of Canada. They will now offer localized shipping for merchants that can truly benefit from it.

According to Adayra Lopez, InterFulfillment’s Sales Manager, this expansion could not come soon enough. Demand for localized order fulfillment services is at an all-time high.

“The needs of our customers always vary. Each merchant is different and we understand that. That is what makes us different from a typical order fulfillment center. When our customers speak, we listen,” explained Adayra Lopez.

“Customers are understanding the value of localized shipping in Canada. This is a large landmass and shipping your parcels closer to where they are going can save both time and money. I am thrilled this is something we can offer to select customers going forward!”

This expansion will go a long way in bolstering the customer experience. Derek Antram, InterFulfillment’s General Manager was asked what customers shipping orders from InterFulfillment’s new Vancouver order fulfillment facility can expect.

“They can expect the same quality shipping services we have been providing from Toronto since 2005. We have taken measures to ensure that orders shipping from Vancouver will be processed the very same day, just like orders shipping from Toronto. Maintaining our standards is always at the forefront of our minds when we expand,” answered Derek Antram.

“As fast as we can get a shipment out, we cannot control how long the carrier will take to deliver it. Localized shipping will help get parcels to get to their destination faster. That’s exciting for our merchants. And we aren’t done, we have more expansion plans in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that.”

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The InterFulfillment team appears excited about this expansion to Vancouver. Elecia Brazeau is InterFulfillment’s COO, played a key role in the decision to expand to the west coast.

“Merchants can save money by taking advantage of localized shipping rates. These are typically customers that ship larger parcels. Being able to deploy these parcels from a localized facility will be a game-changer for them. And perhaps more importantly, they will be able to get their products in their customer’s hands quicker, which is key in eCommerce,” stated Elecia Brazeau.

“Expanding an operation like ours, particularly across the country and during a pandemic has not been easy. The costs have been high, but at the end of the day, if our customers are happy, it’s all worth it!”

According to the team at InterFulfillment the company is ready to make some big leaps in the order fulfillment business in 2021 and beyond. They are showing a commitment to excellence which is what has positioned them as a leader in the industry. Their operational footprint continues to expand with the goal of not only maintaining its services and capabilities but expanding them as well.

About InterFulfillment Inc.

Founded in 2005, InterFulfillment has been a Canadian order fulfillment specialist. They are known for their eCommerce expertise but also offer a range of services including cross-docking, event, and crowdfunded project fulfillment, and much more. They are committed to offering customers same-day shipping along with best-in-class services they can rely on. For more information or to request a quote from InterFulfillment, please visit:

About InterFulfillment

InterFulfillment is the leading Canadian eCommerce 3PL order fulfillment company. With fulfillment centers located across Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia providing 3PL services to some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world.

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