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Our Commitment to Providing a Safe and Friendly Workplace for Women

InterFulfillment, a company that values inclusivity, celebrates Women's Day by highlighting its efforts in creating a safe and friendly workplace for women through gender-neutral policies, clear communication, zero-tolerance for harassment, and safe and comfortable workplace practices.

As a company, InterFulfillment prioritizes creating a safe and friendly workplace for all employees, especially women. As we commemorate International Women’s Day 2023, we take this opportunity to highlight our efforts in making the workplace more inclusive and welcoming for women.

Gender-neutral policies
At InterFulfillment, we believe in hiring the most qualified individuals without any bias toward gender. To ensure that women are not discriminated against during the hiring process, we have established gender-neutral policies. By avoiding gender bias in recruitment, we ensure that women have the same opportunities to apply and get hired as men.

Clear and open communication
We have established clear and open communication channels to ensure that all employees can express their opinions and concerns freely. We actively seek feedback from our employees through various channels, such as suggestion boxes and employee surveys. By encouraging open communication, we ensure that women feel heard and valued in the workplace.

Zero tolerance for harassment
We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment. We take all reports of harassment seriously and conduct thorough investigations to ensure that the appropriate actions are taken. By having a clear and strict policy against harassment, we create a safe and respectful environment for women to work in.

Safe and comfortable workplace
We strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace for all our employees, including women. We ensure that the workplace is free from hazards and promotes healthy and safe work practices.

InterFulfillment remains committed to providing a safe and friendly workplace for women. Through our gender-neutral policies, clear and open communication channels, zero-tolerance policy for harassment, and safe workplace practices, we ensure that women feel valued and respected in the workplace. On Women’s Day 2023, we celebrate our commitment to creating a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.

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