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Order Fulfillment Services by InterFulfillment

InterFulfillment prides itself on understanding the dynamic and ever-changing needs of eCommerce companies and entrepreneurs. Offering localized shipping from coast to coast from multiple strategically placed warehouse locations! We are marketplace leaders in Toronto, Vancouver order fulfillment services.

We embrace that the services required in the modern eCommerce order fulfillment landscape are as varied as the products offered by our customers and go above and beyond to create processes and protocols to meet and exceed all expectations.

Third-Party Logistics

Connect all of your sales channels to our system and enjoy same-day shipping services for each and every one of your orders. Whether you choose to sell your products on Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Magento or all of the above, we are ready to pick, pack and ship your products to your customers and provide order status and shipping information directly to your channel.

Ship your products direct to consumer the same day the order enters our Warehouse Management System (WMS). All while maintaining your brand identity by choosing whatever packaging and specific shipping details you want. Localized shipping available across Canada.

If you have your orders picked and packed and ready to process and need them received and shipped the very same day to avoid storage fees and get them shipped to your customers from our centralized full-service fulfillment services, we have your covered. Learn More

Get your crowdfunded products into the hands of your backers as fast as a well-established eCommerce company. We know that creators have their hands full organize ambitious projects and need a fulfillment partner that will treat their project with the same importance and attention to detail as they do. Learn More

Distribute product samples worldwide quickly and efficiently in accordance to your exact specifications. InterFulfillment is a go-to service provider for so many campaigns because we have enough experience to understand the dynamics that make all of them different from one another. There is no one-size-fits-all order fulfillment solution, you need one catered to your specific campaign. We can do that for you.

You need a 3PL fulfillment provider that knows how to fully comply with major retailer marketplace protocols. Our experience enables us to comply with different protocols and follow them efficiently, ensuring your marketplace customers get their deliveries on time.

Comprehensive order fulfillment for you special project or event. We can provide you with the peace of mind we will meet your deadline at your exact specifications, each and every time.

Our team has comprehensive experience storing, handling and shipping dangerous goods (DG) and hazardous materials (hazmat) items. We can provide order fulfillment for products deemed flammable or that contain lithium batteries, and many more.

As an American merchant, there are massive economic benefits to importing your inventory from the country of origin into Canada rather than the United States. One of them is being able to take full advantage of US Section 321 Shipping. We can help you get the most our of this law by outlining the process for you. Learn More

Many eCommerce products aren’t ready to ship before they have been hand kitted and assembled. We have the know-how to set up services that will make the components that come together to create your finished products. The best part of all is it is all done on-site at our facilities, which offers you massive flexibility. Experience the value that on-site kitting and assembly services by InterFulfillment can offer.

From time to time you may need order fulfillment services outside of the scope of what you typically require. Whether it be to move certain products through your supply-chain, or even prepare your products to meet a specific protocol for a special event, our Customer Care team will work with you to ensure you get the service you need whenever you need it! That is what being a flexible fulfillment partner is all about.

You may need to shipment larger than normal from time to time. We have you covered! Your account can have master case picks and palletization set up to ensure that when you need products moved in bulk it is done safely and cost-effectively. B2B orders get the same jaw-dropping turnaround processing time as smaller B2C orders!

"InterFulfillment Warehouse Associates are the best in the business! We take our time to hire experienced associates that understand the importance of attention to detail. This makes my job easier, because I can trust my team to take the time to understand each account and the special attention required to serve them appropriately. I am always amazed how passionate they are about ensuring they meet each customer's expectations and deadlines. Day in, day out I am grateful they are on my team, and as our client, you will be too."


InterFulfillment has you covered no matter what type of order fulfillment services you need.

Whether you need B2C, B2B, or even one-time project or event order fulfillment, you want a 3rd party logistics partner that has the experience and know-how to meet your deadlines and do it with the care and accuracy that will meet or exceed your expectations. You are in good hands with InterFulfillment!

Business to Consumer Order Fulfillment

You sell products directly to consumers all over the world and need your orders going out as fast as they come in.

Business to Business Order Fulfillment

You need a fulfillment partner that follows the protocols of your retailers to get your products on the shelf quickly.

Project / Event Order Fulfillment

You need timely and accurate fulfillment services for your Kickstarter / Indiegogo product or a special event.

Partner With InterFulfillment And Streamline Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Third-Party Logistics.

Request a quote today and your company can be the next InterFulfillment third-party logistics success story!

"When I started my own business a few years back I was looking for a fulfillment company a company that can store my products safely, ship it fast and accurately, connect with my website and keeps inventory up to date, and is able to provide great customer service in case I need help and have a question. After lots of research, I contacted a few fulfillment companies and after speaking with sales manager Adayra who answered all my questions and helped me fully understand the process, cost, etc I decided to go with InterFulfilment. Until today I did not regret one second moving forward with InterFulfillment and after 4 years I am happy that I did the right choice!"
Zeljko Jeremic

Pick and Pack Omnichannel Services

We offer order fulfillment services that in line with modern business models. Capable of fulfilling orders for multiple B2C and B2B sales channels.

All it takes is one InterFulfillment account to provide order fulfillment for a variety of sales channels. One account to ship orders D2C / Direct to Customer or B2B / Business to Business orders anywhere in the world from facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. We will treat each of your orders with the utmost attention. Not all orders are meant to be shipped the same way.

If you have an order that comes in from your Walmart Marketplace sales channel, it requires a different pick, pack, and shipping process than one coming from your Shopify, WooCommerce, or ShipStation sales channel, we get it. That is what makes us the third-party logistics order fulfillment solution truly built around your business needs.

Cross-Docking Fulfillment

You have orders ready to ship to customers and retail channels that you want in and out within 24 hours. Deadlines are crucial, consumers expectations are higher than ever. We have your covered.

How does simplifying your 3PL supply chain, increasing its speed and efficiency, and saving money on storage fees sound? If it sounds good, you may want to look into cross-docking order fulfillment services by InterFulfillment.

Ship us your ready-to-process inventory, and we will get it from dock to truck within one business day without ever being warehoused, saving you time and money in the process!

Take Full Control of Your Order Fulfillment Working Closely with Our World-Class, On-Site Customer Care Team.

LTL Shipping

We can fulfill any order size and will always shop around to secure the best shipping rate for your LTL shipments. We’ve built good relationships with our shipping brokers to make sure you never pay more then you have to.

Customs & Brokerage

We have trusted Brokerage Firms we can refer you to assist you with the process of creating a Non-Resident Business Number for you in order to clear your products into Canada.

Returns Management

We’ll handle your product returns to your custom specification. With a direct communication between your customer service and ours, returns, restocking and handling damaged shipments has never been this simple. We keep you updated on all inventory movement.

Crowdfunded Project Order Fulfillment

Creators from platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have often never experienced the demands of order fulfillment. You need a partner that understands you and will treat you like any other long-term account holder, you need InterFulfillment!

Crowdfunding backers often have to wait quite a while to finally get the product or offering they provided funding for. This is understandable as often they have paid for it long before it even went into production.

We will work with you to outline a plan that will allow you to provide your backers with a clear-cut timeline of when they can expect to receive their orders, deliver on time, every time, and have them sing your praises. Truly comprehensive crowdfunding order fulfillment.

Sample Product Fulfillment / Influencer Marketing Order Fulfillment

How can margins get any thinner than when offering often free samples or promotions to consumers? Staying efficient while maintaining shipment quality is a challenge we can help you with!

Of all the types of 3PL order fulfillment, this may be the most challenging to coordinate while staying on budget. You need a marketing order fulfillment partner that comprehends this and won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all solution, but that will take time to understand what you want to accomplish while staying on budget. You need InterFulfillment.

Start Shipping From Canada and Benefit from Localized Shipping that will Reduce Cost and Shipping Time.

Kitting and Assembling

We offer customized promotional & kitting services to all our clients. If you require promo inserts or basic assembly for your products, we’ve got you covered. All packaged to meet your customer requirement. In certain cases free promo & marketing inserts may be available!

Inventory Storage

We ensure that our facilities in Vancouver and Toronto exceed standards when it comes to safety, cleanliness, and organization. Our warehouses are equipped with fire-suppression and sprinkler systems, 24-hour surveillance, and regular quality control checks.

Retail Marketplace Fulfillment (Costco, Hudson's Bay, Best Buy, Walmart, Wayfair and more)

Each eCommerce retail marketplace has different requirements and processes that must be followed when processing orders. We have experience shipping on behalf of our customers to every major retail online marketplace.

Marketplace fulfillment services can be tricky. Every online marketplace has specific protocols and timelines that must be followed and no two are the same. Keeping track of each one, and making sure orders are out on time can be a tall task.

The good news is that InterFulfillment has shipments going out to every major retailer online marketplace consumers daily. We are an official Walmart Marketplace Solution Provider. You can rest assured that your products will get to customers on time and as expected, keeping your marketplace account in good standing.

NPN Order Fulfillment

If you are shipping natural health products to Canadian consumers or businesses, you need an order fulfillment provider with a Health Canada site license in place. You need InterFulfillment!

All InterFulfillment facilities have an active Health Canada site license which means we are certified to store, handle and ship natural health products across Canada.

Best of all, we offer the same great shipping services for health products as we do for any others. Request a quote today and focus on sales while we handle the Health Canada guidelines!

Project or Event Order Fulfillment

Deadlines are crucial and you need a fulfillment partner that will deliver and help your project go off without hitch. We are that order fulfillment partner.

When it comes to projects or events more often than not the timeline must be honored, and if you don’t your entire project or event will be in jeopardy.

InterFulfillment is a reliable order fulfillment partner you can count on. We will take the logistics out of your hands and give you the time and peace of mind to focus on making your project or event as memorable as possible! Request an order fulfillment quote to ensure the success of your next project or event.

Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Fulfillment Canada

Handing and shipping goods catagorized as dangerous or hazerdous is not without its challenges. InterFulfillment has facilities equipped and employees trained to so safely while following guidelines.

If you are a merchant that sells dangerous goods or hazardous materials you probably already know how many everyday products are classified this way and require specific protocols in place when shipping with certain carriers and countries.

Everything from products that contain lithium batteries, to certain cosmetics like nail polish and even aerosol cans must follow strict governmental transportation safety protocols. We have experience providing order fulfillment for these items and can provide you with the most comprehensive 3PL dangerous goods and hazmat fulfillment solution in Canada.

The multi-channel B2C and B2B eCommerce 3PL Canada solution built around your business.

Retailer Compliant

We meet each retailer’s specific shipping requirement, with ASNs, UCC-128, and any other labels that can be customized on-premises. We understand the importance of making sure each order is shipped on time, every time.

Lot, Exp Date & Serial Number Tracking: Attention to Details

However your inventory needs to be tracked; our experience team and inventory management software can do it all. We can also keep track of min/max quantities and reorder points. Just give us the details.

US Section 321 Fulfillment

US Section 321 order fulfillment is easily the best kept secret in logistics. Companies can literally save thousands of dollars in duties and taxes leveraging this law to their advantage, and we can show you how.

Ship your products directly from your manufacturer to one of our Canadian facilities, and then from our facilities directly to your customers and circumvent thousands of dollars in taxes and duties legally.

Supercharge your supply chain and make it more cost-effective than you even imagine it could be using US Section 321 Shipping order fulfillment services by working with InterFulfillment!

On-Site Hand Kitting and Assembly Services

Often products arrive from your manufacturer not quite ready to ship to your customers or retailers. Your products need a steady hand with attention to detail to kit, assemble or bundle your inventory on-demand to your exact specifications. You need InterFulfillment!

Deliver your inventory to us straight from your manufacturer and let our team of experienced Warehouse Associates handle all the kitting and assembly for you on-site at our facilities. With options to kit, assemble, or bundle your products on-demand or on arrival, you have all the flexibility you need to to keep your product offerings agile and make sure you get the most from your sales, and you customers get exactly what they want each and every time.

The multi-channel B2C and B2B eCommerce 3PL Canada solution built around your business.

"I employ InterFulfillment for a variety of projects for my clients. Very consistent, always deliver on time and they have not made a single shipping error to date (after 7 projects). They even try and save me money whenever possible. Just wanted to show my appreciation and say thanks to everyone there. Keep up the good work."
David R.
via Google Reviews

Custom Order Requests

This is where employing the absolute best in the business Customer Care team comes into play. Need a special order shipping somehow outside of the normal scope of your agreement? No problem!

You need a special shipment to go out to a partner, and you need it picked and packed in a specific way that is not typical for your orders. You want to replenish inventory in a different location and need your inventory palletized and shipped LTL as soon as possible. You need to coordinate with our team of customer care professionals.

To start our agents will work with you to iron out the details of your request. They will coordinate with our sales and operations departments to provide you with a quote, and since they are on-site, they will ensure our team gets the job done, each and every time. Simply call, email or generate a ticket to get started!

Business Orders / Bulk orders (Master Case Pick and Palletize)

When we say flexible, we mean felxible. Yes, we are the eCommerce B2C fulfillment experts, but we have versatility in our service offerings. We can get your master cases picked and palletized for larger orders as well, with the same care, quality and attention to detail.

Our daily operations include thousands of small orders typically associated with eCommerce order fulfillment. We are able to provide order fulfillment on behalf of companies and organizations to their customers all over the world. Our system has the capability to automatically choose the most effective carrier rate for each and every parcel, but that is not limited to small B2C parcels.

We offer the same quality warehouse services and order fulfillment for the larger master case and palletized orders as well. That is what makes InterFulfillment different, that is what makes us special, and we take great pride in that!

Partner With InterFulfillment And Streamline Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Third-Party Logistics.

Enjoy next-level order fulfillment services with InterFulfillment!

It all starts here! Request a quote and quickly get a personalized service agreement in place that will free up your time by putting your B2C and B2B order fulfillment in the hands of the professionals so you can focus on expanding your business!

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost-analysis.