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A personalized eCommerce Order Fulfillment Solution by InterFulfillment can help take your business to the next level.

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"eCommerce order fulfillment is not just another part of our business, it is our business! Since our inception it is our goal to provide the most comprehensive and best-in-class eCommerce shipping service solutions to merchants all over the world. Request a quote and let us show you why we are an industry leader first-hand."

InterFulfillment 3PL Services

What is 3PL eCommerce order fulfillment?

3PL eCommerce order fulfillment is the operation of storing, picking, packing, and shipping products on behalf of a merchant that sells them on online sales channels.

InterFulfillment is a 3rd party logistics service provider with multiple facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada that specializes in offering these services. It is an industry leader that continues to innovate and optimize these services while serving some of the biggest companies and organizations on earth.

Our customers are singing our praises and you will be too

"We’ve partnered with InterFulfillment for many years, to manage our marketing fulfillment needs. Not only are they reliable and dependable to work with, but also trustworthy to ensure our goods and marketing products are in great care. I can always count on their team to deliver high-quality services with great customer service."
Young Lee
Marketing Director, GoDaddy Canada
"The Canadian Paralympic Committee contracts InterFulfillment to pick & pack Team Clothing and ship orders to Athletes across Canada ahead of their participation in Parapan and Paralympic Games. The services they provide are consistently timely, detailed, and accurate. The Customer Service Team, Sales Representatives, and Warehouse Staff are easy to work with and always responsive. We trust the Team at InterFulfillment to consistently deliver exceptional services for our Canadian Athletes."
Paralympic Committee 3PL Order Fulfillment
Stephanie Johnson
Manager, Games Operations & Delivery, Canadian Paralympic Committee

Explore the advantages of eCommerce Order Fulfillment by InterFulfillment

A personalized eCommerce Order Fulfillment Solution by InterFulfillment will take your business to the next level.

Best in class account management

Experience the luxury of truly dedicated account management that will put you in full control of your eCommerce order fulfillment. Our agents are friendly, responsive and always standing by to assist you no matter what comes up. As a result, you will be in command of your logistics like never before!

eCommerce marketplace integrations

Connect your shopping cart sales channels (Shopify, WooCommerce) with our system seamlessly. When an order is placed, it will automatically be imported and then once your order is fulfilled our system will send a tracking number to your customer and update the order status on your sales channel. All in real time!

Same-day order processing

All your eCommerce orders will be fulfilled the very same day they enter our system. This means your customers will never wait more than a day to get a notification that their order is on the way. This will get your packages into the hands of your customers as fast as possible!

A complete third-party logistics solution

We aren't just a B2C order fulfillment service provider. InterFulfillment will customize a solution with services catered to your needs. We will help you manage and handle every aspect of your company's logistics. From guiding you through integrations, to inventory and order management and B2B order fulfillment.

Scalable 3PL order fulfillment services you can rely on

Let InterFulfillment do all the shipping and heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business.

Inventory storage

Over 150,00 square feet of warehouse facility space paired with a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). This software allows you to keep track of your inventory in real-time.

Order fulfillment

We will pick, pack and ship your orders to your specifications. InterFulfillment is not a cookie-cutter solution. Thus you can enjoy the freedom of using your own packaging and maintaining your brand identity.

Worldwide shipping

Ship your orders from our facilities to anywhere in the world using the your choice of carriers, or take advantage of our RateShop feature and let our system automatically shop for the cheapest rates.

Supercharge your logistics with powerful WMS software by 3PL Central

The InterFulfillment Warehouse Management System software puts you in the driver's seat.

What InterFulfillment can do for your eCommerce business

B2C Multi-channel / Omnichannel eCommerce

We have the capabilities to provide quality eCommerce order fulfillment services for all your sales channels. This includes Shopify, WooCommerce and ShipStation web platforms as well as popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and many more. Connect your channels and get all of your orders, all in one place and at all your fingertips.

Retail online marketplace order fulfillment

You can add as many different sales channels as you wish. We know that shipping orders placed on different marketplaces have unique requirements. As an InterFulfillment customer we are ready to cater your eCommerce order fulfillment solution to your ever-changing needs. Enjoy the freedom to sell on the world's largest online marketplaces and control your order fulfillment.

B2B retail distrubution

InterFulfillment has in-depth knowledge on how to pick, pack and ship your inventory to major retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and Staples. This means we will follow their exact protocols for each retail partner order we fulfill on your behalf. This includes using specified carrier accounts, packing lists and documentation each one requires. Your B2B shipments are in good hands.

On-site kitting, assembly and bundling

We have the world's best Warehouse staff. Our Warehouse Supervisors and Associates are meticulous and attentive to detail. If your products arrive at our facility and require additional assembly, your product offerings include kits consisting of multiple SKUs or you need to bundle SKUs for a promotion, we have you covered each and every time.

Partner with InterFulfillment and streamline your multi-channel eCommerce third-party logistics.

Localized shipping from Toronto and Vancouver

We own and operate multiple facilities across Canada in British-Columbia and Ontario. If your products are heavy or large we can work on a localized eCommerce order fulfillment solution for you that can save you thousands in carrier fees. You will be able to store your inventory across our facilities and choose what region is served for each facility.

Health Canada site licence

Our facilities are site licenced to store and ship health products and nutricueticals. Our facilities are equipped to store your products securely and in proper conditions and our WMS can sort your inventory in lots and track inventory expiration dates. This gives you the peace of mind to know your products are being stored, handled and shipped with care.

Reverse logistics /order returns

When we say we have your covered from A to Z we really mean it. We can handle your reverse eCommerce logistics with care and attention to detail. We will work with you to create an order return procedure catered to your needs. Any products in returned orders you deem fit-for-sale will be returned to inventory, and those you do not, we will hold for disposal or to ship back to you.

Crowdfunding and event projects

InterFulfillment specializes in all things order fulfillment. We have provided services for events ranging from the NBA All-Star Game to the Olympics. Also, we have guided countless creators from Indiegogo and Kickstarter and helped them provide timely and cost-effective order fulfillment to their backers. We truly are the eCommerce order fulfillment solition built around your business.

How eCommerce order fulfillment by InterFulfillment works


Request your personalized quote

We will work with you on a plan to outline your eCommerce order fulfillment requirements and create a service agreement catered to your needs.


Integrate your sales channels

Once you have an agreement in place, you will work with our support team to set up your account and integrate your sales channels.


Ship us your inventory

Coordinate your initial inventory shipment with our team. The moment the receiving process is complete, your products will be ready to ship.


Submit orders into our system

Create orders in our system manually individual or in batches using our WMS or automatically through your integrated sales channels.


We process and ship your orders

As soon as an order enters our system, our operation springs into action. They will pick, pack and ship your orders to your exact specifications.


You get automated real-time updates

Not only will all order information be available in our WMS in real-time, but the status and tracking will be transmitted to your channels as well.

InterFulfillment eCommerce order fulfillment FAQ

Absolutely, yes! Whenever an order enters our system prior to the daily shipping cut-off time, it will be processed and shipped out the very same day. In the rare event that an order that does not, it will ship the following morning.

No, there is no long-term contract required to secure our services. We retain our customer base by providing reliable services at competitive pricing paired with state-of-the-art software and best-in-class support.

Once the RateShop feature is activated for your account, our system will automatically shop for the most cost-effective rate from the world’s most prominent carriers. You can choose to only RateShop on a portion of your orders and designate specific carrier services for others!

You can access the InterFulfillment WMS customer portal from pretty much any browser anywhere on earth at any time. Simply click the ‘Login’ button at the top of this page and enter your credentials.

Yes! Each member of your team can have their own unique login credentials with specific account capabilities.

Any reports that can be generated in our portal can also be exported for external use in various file formats. Anything from order segments, transaction history, to inventory activity, all at your fingertips!

Absolutely, yes! You can start with as many channels as you want and add new ones at any time. Regardless of how an order was created or imported into our system, they will all be in one place, and you will be able to filter orders by what channel they came in on.

Yes, we offer shipping anywhere across the globe at very competitive carrier rates.

Simply request a quote! If it is determined that it would cost effective for your to ship from multiple facilities we will work out a plan for you in your service agreement. Typically, larger or heavier products with significant order volume benefit most from the saving that localized shipping provides.

Absolutely! We provide order fulfillment services with all major carriers, including USPS. Request a quote and we will help you designate the best carriers for your logistics needs.

Yes, our WMS is the most flexible on the marketplace. We can provide you and your team all the documentation you need to establish and test your Open API and EDI connections and use them to transmit your orders to our system.

Have any other specific questions about InterFulfillment? Request a quote or contact us!

What are you waiting for? The time has come to streamline and supercharge your eCommerce order fulfillment!

We will handle everything from A to Z so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Let’s get started!

All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost-analysis.