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Honoring a Canadian Icon: Celebrate Viola Desmond’s Legacy with InterFulfillment’s Matching Donation Initiative

Explore the legacy of Viola Desmond, a Canadian icon of courage and justice. Join us in honoring her inspiring journey and learn how InterFulfillment is contributing to her enduring impact.

“I am a Canadian, a free Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong.” – Viola Desmond

As we celebrate the rich tapestry of Canadian history, it’s essential to honor the heroes who have shaped our nation’s narrative. This year, InterFulfillment is proud to recognize Viola Desmond, a woman whose courage and resilience resonate profoundly with our company’s values of diversity and social justice. Known for her pivotal role in challenging racial segregation and her commemoration on the Canadian $10 bill, Viola Desmond’s legacy is a beacon of inspiration.

In this article, we delve into the life and contributions of Viola Desmond, exploring her journey, the challenges she faced, and the enduring impact of her actions. We’ll also highlight the importance of continuing her work today and how InterFulfillment is contributing to this cause.


In Canadian history, few figures shine as brightly as Viola Desmond. Her story is not just one of personal courage and integrity; it is a testament to the ongoing struggle for social justice and equality. As InterFulfillment commemorates her legacy, we also affirm our commitment to these enduring values.

Early Life and Education

Viola Desmond was born on July 6, 1914, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Raised in a close-knit, community-minded family, Desmond developed an early interest in business and entrepreneurship. Despite facing the racial prejudices prevalent at the time, she pursued her dreams with determination, eventually opening her own beauty salon.

The Incident at the Roseland Theatre

On November 8, 1946, Desmond’s life took a pivotal turn. While traveling for business, her car broke down in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. To pass the time, she went to the Roseland Theatre. Unaware of the theatre’s segregation policy, Desmond sat in the whites-only section. When asked to move, she refused, and was forcibly removed and arrested.

The Legal Battle and Its Implications

Desmond’s subsequent conviction for tax evasion – over a one-cent difference in ticket prices – was a clear miscarriage of justice. Her brave decision to contest the charges brought the issues of racial segregation and discrimination in Canada to the forefront. Although her conviction was not overturned in her lifetime, her fight contributed significantly to the later civil rights movement in Canada.

Legacy and Recognition

Decades later, Desmond’s courage and resilience continue to inspire. In 2010, she was granted a posthumous pardon, the first of its kind in Canada. This act was a powerful acknowledgment of her struggle and the injustice she faced.

In recent years, her legacy has been further cemented by her inclusion on the Canadian $10 bill, making her the first Canadian woman to be featured on a regularly circulating Bank of Canada note.

InterFulfillment’s Initiative: The Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice

In honor of Viola Desmond’s legacy, InterFulfillment is proud to establish the Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice. This initiative aims to support education and research in social justice, continuing the work that Desmond started.

To amplify our commitment, InterFulfillment will match all donations made through this year and 2024 to this cause, up to $200. By contributing, you are not only honoring Viola Desmond’s memory but also supporting a future where her dream of equality and justice is realized for all. Please reach out to InterFulfillment support with your donation receipt to have it matched.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

Viola Desmond’s story is a reminder of the power of individual action in the face of injustice. As we reflect on her life, let us also look forward to how we can contribute to the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. Through the Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice, and your generous support, we can continue to make a difference.

Together, let’s honor Viola Desmond’s legacy and build a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just ideals, but realities.

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