B2C and B2B Fulfillment Services​​

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Services for your eCommerce, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution Needs

InterFulfillment is a Canadian full-service, fast, affordable order fulfillment solution for both B2C and B2B third-party logistics. Our software can integrate with most of your sales channels directly, which allows you to simply set up your account and let us do the rest.
We offer same-day shipping, and a rate shopping feature that ensures you can ship your orders quickly and efficiently. Also, your tracking numbers are automatically transmitted as soon as your orders ship, so no need for any manual data entry. Our experience shipping on behalf of a variety of vendors gives you peace of mind that your products will be shipped meeting all shipping standards and requirements.

Partner with a reliable fulfillment company and streamline your multi-channel shipping.

eCommerce Logistics: Straight from Our Warehouse to Your Customers

eCommerce stores have revolutionized the way we shop online and partnering up with InterFulfillment will help you maintain a competitive edge. Our seamless integration, speedy order processing and cloud software make sure your goods are delivered to your satisfied customers in as little as 24 hours. Keeping your brand integrity is of high importance to us and InterFulfillment can be customized & made flexible to meet your every request. By saving you valuable time and money we can help reduce your overhead costs and promote repeat business by offering a consistent, high quality order fulfillment experience to your customers.

Retail Business: Worry-Free Retail Distribution

Rigid shipping requirements are part of the game and most retailers have very specific ways they want their orders packaged and shipped to them. InterFulfillment is customizable to meet those demands every time. Our warehouse management system makes it simple for you to provide us with all the details so that your orders from large retail stores to small independent boutiques are delivered on time and accurately.

Order Turnaround Time

Orders received are guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. We’ve fostered partnerships with a variety of reliable couriers, like UPS, FedEx and Canada Post.

Dedicated Account Manager

We’re a phone call away. Our team is there to support you and answer your questions as quickly. As an integral part of your Canadian operations, we strive to offer you superior customer service and support.

Order Processing

Our experienced staff takes pride in ensuring that your products are packaged accurately (UCC-128, ASN labels, Commercial invoices etc) so your customers receive exactly what they ordered in perfect condition.

LTL Shipping

We can fulfill any order size and will always shop around to secure the best shipping rate for your LTL shipments. We’ve built good relationships with our shipping brokers to make sure you never pay more then you have to.

Customs & Brokerage

We have trusted Brokerage Firms we can refer you to assist you with the process of creating a Non-Resident Business Number for you in order to clear your products into Canada.

Returns Management

We’ll handle your product returns to your custom specification. With a direct communication between your customer service and ours, returns, restocking and handling damaged shipments has never been this simple. We keep you updated on all inventory movement.

Kitting and Assembling

We offer customized promotional & kitting services to all our clients. If you require promo inserts or basic assembly for your products, we’ve got you covered. All packaged to meet your customer requirement. In certain cases free promo & marketing inserts may be available!

Inventory Storage

We ensure that our facilities in Vancouver and Toronto exceed standards when it comes to safety, cleanliness, and organization. Our warehouses are equipped with fire-suppression and sprinkler systems, 24-hour surveillance, and regular quality control checks.

Cross-Docking and Destuffing

Need to change the type of conveyance, sort material, or combine it from different origins into transport vehicles or containers? Reduces labor costs through less inventory handling and let us do the dirty work.

Retailer Compliant

We meet each retailer’s specific shipping requirement, with ASNs, UCC-128, and any other labels that can be customized on-premises. We understand the importance of making sure each order is shipped on time, every time.

Lot, Exp Date & Serial Number Tracking: Attention to Details

However your inventory needs to be tracked; our experience team and inventory management software can do it all. We can also keep track of min/max quantities and reorder points. Just give us the details.

The multi-channel, cross-docking B2C, and B2B 3rd party logistics solution built around your business.