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How InterFulfillment Became a Master of Project-Based Order Fulfillment

InterFulfillment started as an eCommerce order fulfillment specialist and quickly developed the operational systems and protools to being industry leaders in project-based order fulfillment.

Unlike many order fulfillment companies that have been around since before the internet and eCommerce were even prevalent, InterFulfillment was conceived in 2005 with a very simple and straightforward company mission, to provide comprehensive order fulfillment services to modern eCommerce based companies and organizations. They understood there was a huge void in the order fulfillment marketplace. Legacy fulfillment companies simply did not have the know-how and drive to accommodate eCommerce companies. In the past, most order fulfillment was cookie-cutter. A company would warehouse products and would ship them out, usually to businesses, whenever an order was put in.

Right out of the gate InterFulfillment started to develop order fulfillment protocols that were focused on flexibility. Capabilities to offer order fulfillment services to a large number of merchants with a variety of specifications, different sales channels with unique shipping requirements, and seasonal order volume fluctuations. InterFulfillment wanted to accurately and efficiently handle all B2B and B2C requirements that an eCommerce-based company may have.

By achieving these capabilities, InterFulfillment has everything in place it takes to provide efficient, effective, and accurate project-based order fulfillment on demand. More and more companies began looking at third-party logistics to handle logistics for one-time events or special projects they were working on. Legacy order fulfillment companies typically are not capable or unwilling to accommodate project-based order fulfillment customers. This is because their core company business model is simply not geared for it. Meanwhile, InterFulfillment is more than open to it, because quite simply, they have everything it takes already in place.

InterFulfillment began early in its existence to provide one-time project-based order fulfillment. They maintained the same focus and protocols as they had in place for any typical eCommerce merchant customer. As soon as a customer came in with a special event or new crowdfunded product they needed order fulfillment for, they felt like they belonged. InterFulfillment was able to provide the same quality of services and account support that typical customers enjoy. But beyond that InterFulfillment understands one crucial factor. Generally, companies or individuals looking for project-based order fulfillment need a bit more guidance when it comes to what carrier to use for what purpose, or how to have products packaged and shipped at the manufacturer or distributor level to be most efficient. Should you pre-pack your items in bundles of a specific amount? Should you use Canada Post or UPS? What specific carrier service should you use? InterFulfillment is ready, willing, and able to advise project-based customers every step of the way.

This is when a Project Coordinator was put in place to work alongside InterFulfillment warehouse leads and associates. The Project Coordinator’s role is simple, work with sales and support to understand the exact specifications of the project, and then work alongside the operation to make sure the project is executed to the customer’s exact instructions each and every time. Having the volume of projects to have Project Coordinators in place at each facility is a total game-changer as you can imagine.

This means that project-based accounts are not just an afterthought, they are a focus. Over time, and with over 15 years of project-based fulfillment, InterFulfillment has become the industry leader.

If you have a project-based account with InterFulfillment you are in good hands. InterFulfillment is a master at project-based fulfillment for special events, and for new products made by creators on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. They also have vast experience providing order fulfillment services to marketing sample campaigns. You can expect the same great services that typical accounts receive and to be treated with the same standard of excellence by support agents and the operation in general.

Anyone who requires order fulfillment services for their next great project should certainly reach out to InterFulfillment immediately to request a quote. InterFulfillment experience and knowledge in the field are second to none, you will be met by the most flexible and efficient order fulfillment company on the market. A company that truly understands what it takes to provide order fulfillment services for a successful project.

About InterFulfillment

InterFulfillment is the leading Canadian eCommerce 3PL order fulfillment company. With fulfillment centers located across Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia providing 3PL services to some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world.

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