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Why a Scalable 3PL Order Fulfillment Solution is So Important for eCommerce Merchants

One of the main advantages for an eCommerce company that opts for 3PL rather than in-house order fulfillment is scalability. Let's examine what that means, and the difference it could make for your business.
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Typically all eCommerce businesses start off performing all their eCommerce order fulfillment duties in-house. This works out well to start as more often than not the business owners and staff can all contribute and help get orders out in a somewhat timely fashion without it harming their other company duties. But when things ramp up, here is why it is important to explore a 3PL order fulfillment solution.

Slowly as orders begin to increase, most eCommerce merchants will hire help. This is usually one or two employees that oversee and handle order fulfillment as their primary duty. As many of you already know, the cost of having even just one employee added to your staff can be pretty significant. But what happens when promotions are offered that significantly ramp up order volume? Or when a seasonal order volume strikes?

Those one or two employees can quickly get overwhelmed. As a result, your shipping turnaround time will likely suffer. Orders will take longer to process and ship. This can create a window for customers to either request fulfillment updates from support channels, or worse, cancel orders altogether. This can take its toll on your brand identity. This is usually around the time that a 3PL order fulfillment solution suddenly becomes viable for an eCommerce company.

And with the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) and support department in place, you can handle all your logistics from a web browser anywhere on earth. All your sales channels, all in the same place, and all at your fingertips. With the right 3PL service provider, you won’t lose any control.

It is not enough to simply compare the cost of your shipping materials and carrier fees to those offered by 3PL order fulfillment solutions, but you must also factor in the labor. Switching to a third-party solution means you will no longer need to have any employees dedicated to order fulfillment. Your support staff will be able to coordinate and manage all logistics by communicating with your order fulfillment partner.

You will also no longer need to worry about fluctuations in order volume. Imagine that! You will be able to freely scale your business without having to worry about training new staff, paying their salaries, and adding seasonal staff. You will have the absolute freedom to focus on growing your business and the peace of mind knowing that your order fulfillment services and logistics are in reliable and capable hands. Best of all, your customers will be receiving their orders quickly. With an order fulfillment partner like order fulfillment, you will be able to promise them same-day order processing, even in your busiest seasons and during sales events.

This is what makes scalable 3PL order fulfillment solutions so important for eCommerce merchants. Not only can you keep a clean slate and focus on your business, not picking and packing orders, but when you factor in labor costs and management, you can save a lot of money. No one in business needs to be told how important time and money are. If you feel you have reached that critical point when your business has to choose between an in-house solution or a 3PL solution, you should take the time to explore your options carefully and fully understand the not-so-hidden costs of opting for an in-house solution.

If you want the freedom to focus on your growing your business, and not have to worry about your fluctuating order volumes, you want a 3PL order fulfillment solution provider like InterFulfillment. The freedom and stability that a reliable 3PL can provide are worth every penny and can yield big returns in other aspects of your business. Are you ready to explore a 3PL order fulfillment solution? Request a personalized quote today!

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