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Third-Party Logistics Services – Why Choose InterFulfillment Canada?

Third-party logistic services from a reliable partner like InterFulfillment will bolster every aspect of your shipping. It's not just eCommerce order fulfillment, if it involves shipping and logistics, we have you covered!

An industry-leading third-party logistics services partner like InterFulfillment doesn’t just mean you won’t have to pick, pack and ship orders to your customers anymore. There is so much more to it! That’s what we wanted to take some time to shed light on. Yes, absolutely, we will ship your orders around the world to your exact specifications, but let’s dive into what else you can expect when you opt for our services!

Scalable Same-Day Shipping

This one is huge! When you’re shipping in-house, what happens when you have a sudden spike in volume? Typically, that is one of two things. You maintain your current staff and processing power, and as a result, are unable to ship orders as quickly. That often leads to customers following up with your support team for order status updates. In some cases, this can even lead to dreaded negative feedback. Something no one wants to see ever.

Then there is option number two. You expand your shipping operation. You add team members to deal with increased volume. This is a tall task in itself. You need to train your new employees to ship to your specifications. Also, is this increase in volume seasonal or due to a promotional campaign? As soon as volume dies down, you will need to reduce your shipping operation as quickly as you expanded it.

With a third-party logistics services partner like Interfulfillment, you will never have to worry about any of that. We offer our customers same-day shipping and we take this very seriously. We know you don’t want your sales channels flooded with order status requests, and we get tracking numbers out fast. Often the very same day orders are placed. This often leads to positive feedback. With InterFulfillment all you need to do if you’re expecting a spike in volume is let us know. In situations where the spike isn’t dramatic, we don’t even need any notice. We are ready to process your orders on a daily basis without fail. Scalable, reliable eCommerce order fulfillment is what we are all about!

Flexible Third-Party Logistics Services

What do you expect your 3PL services partner to offer you? What if I told you anything and everything you can imagine? That is what you will get with a service provider like InterFulfillment Canada. I am going to put it simply for anyone reading this. InterFulfillment is a flexible operation. We are built from the ground up to be flexible by design. A truly modern order fulfillment company. Sure there are other reliable 3PL order fulfillment companies, but typically they offer one-size-fits-all solutions. They do one thing and they focus on that. That is not the case with InterFulfillment.

What’s the advantage of this? Well, it is simple. Say you are an eCommerce merchant, you have a great product that you ship D2C and B2B daily. However, every so often you have a special event or a special promotional campaign. Maybe you want to bring in samples and have them picked and packed into gift bags and then shipped to event organizers. You will be very glad you have InterFulfillment as your third-party logistics partner, cause we have you covered.

Let’s say you have a wave of products you specifically want to be picked and packed with special promotional inserts and packaging to be delivered to social media influencers. Let’s say these products need to ship with a specific parcel carrier. We have the agility to do that too. All you need to do is reach out to our customer care team, and outline what you need. If it involves shipping and order fulfillment, we are ready to serve. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution because not only do we understand that every company is different with different requirements, but we understand that those requirements are fluid. They can change on a daily basis, and if you are our customer, you can rest easy knowing we have your back at every turn!

Responsive Customer Support That Really Cares

Imagine having a logistics team behind you that fully specializes in third-party logistic services and understands your business requirements inside and out. That is a lot like what it will feel like when you interact with our support team. That is by design as well. Think about all the experience that comes with dealing with a large variety of 3PL services for a large number of businesses. Our customer care team is just as specialized as our warehouse staff.

Best of all, they are always standing by ready for whatever challenge or request that comes their way. They truly understand the importance of responsive customer care. You have a direct line to them, and they have a direct line to our operation. Sometimes it’s those few minutes that can make all the difference when you need to cancel, change or correct an order. Yeah, we get it. We want you to view our support department as an extension of your team. A part of your company that does things the right way and that makes you feel like a priority at every turn.

Our support department essentially personifies what we are all about. Reliable, comprehensive third-party logistics services that are catered to be every bit as flexible as modern businesses need to be.


Welcome to hassle-free 3PL services! Welcome to InterFulfillment! It all starts with requesting a quote. Dealing with our sales team and outlining your requirements to us you will quickly see for yourself how comprehensive and knowledgable we are. Go ahead, ask us any and every question you may have, if it involves logistics, we will have an answer and a solution in mind. We have truly built an operation that is truly modern and different from anything the Canadian marketplace has ever seen before and we are proud of that.

We are always expanding and looking at ways to be even more flexible and efficient. Forging relationships with some of the biggest companies and organizations on earth! We want you to be a part of this. We want you to consider InterFulfillment when you’re shopping for the right 3PL partner. There is a reason we have no-term service agreements. We know that once you see what we have to offer, you won’t need anything from anyone else!

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InterFulfillment is the leading Canadian eCommerce 3PL order fulfillment company. With fulfillment centers located across Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia providing 3PL services to some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world.

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