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Leveraging 321 Shipping for Efficient International Shipping and Fulfillment

Learn how InterFulfillment's facilities in Vancouver and Toronto can help your business optimize its shipping processes using 321 shipping for efficient international shipping and fulfillment.

InterFulfillment 3PL is a Canadian order fulfillment service provider that can assist businesses in leveraging Section 321 to import goods from Canada to the United States. By partnering with InterFulfillment 3PL, businesses can save on costs associated with paying duties and taxes, and pass on those savings to their customers in the form of lower prices. Leveraging 321 Shipping is easy with the right 3PL order fulfillment service provider.

Section 321 is a provision of the Tariff Act of 1930 that allows for the importation of low-value shipments without paying duty or taxes. These shipments, also known as informal entries, are limited to a value of $800 or less and are typically used for personal or small-scale commercial use. One common use of Section 321 is for e-commerce businesses to fulfill orders for their customers. By utilizing Section 321, these businesses can save on costs associated with paying duties and taxes and can pass those savings onto their customers in the form of lower prices.

However, it’s important to note that some certain restrictions and requirements must be met to qualify for Section 321. These include:

  • The shipment must be valued at $800 or less
  • The shipment must not contain prohibited or restricted items
  • The shipment must not be intended for resale

In addition, businesses must also keep accurate records of all Section 321 shipments and be able to provide them to Customs and Border Protection upon request.

One of the key benefits of working with InterFulfillment 3PL is the ability to streamline order fulfillment. They can import goods directly from the manufacturer or supplier and ship them directly to the customer, eliminating the need for the business to manage inventory or customs clearance. This can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on other areas of their operations.

Another advantage of leveraging 321 shipping with InterFulfillment 3PL is the ability to expand product offerings. By importing products from Canada without paying duties or taxes, businesses can offer a wider range of products to their customers, increasing sales and growing their customer base.

It’s important to note that certain requirements and restrictions must be met to qualify for Section 321. InterFulfillment 3PL can assist businesses in ensuring that they meet these requirements and maintain accurate records of their Section 321 shipments.

In conclusion, by partnering with InterFulfillment 3PL and leveraging Section 321, businesses can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand their product offerings. InterFulfillment 3PL is a reputable and reliable option for businesses looking to streamline their order fulfillment process and take advantage of the benefits of Section 321.

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InterFulfillment is the leading Canadian eCommerce 3PL order fulfillment company. With fulfillment centers located across Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia providing 3PL services to some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world.

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