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How InterFulfillment Can Help Your Special Event or Crowdfunding Project Succeed

Order fulfillment companies like InterFulfillment can significantly contribute to the success of your special event or crowdfunded project by offering the same quick and accurate order fulfillment services eCommerce merchants enjoy every day.

So you have a special event coming up, or you have a crowdfunded project backed and in production, or maybe you have a one-time promotional campaign and you need reliable order fulfillment services. Usually, this means you’re a creative and ambitious person who is bringing something new and special to the marketplace. You can invest a lot of time and effort and do the order fulfillment yourself, or you can trust the professionals at InterFulfillment.

Typically, most order fulfillment companies have no interest in providing Canadian order fulfillment services for a one-time project or event, but that is where InterFulfillment is different. We have systems and protocols in place to service one-time projects the same way we serve our regular customers. That is how InterFulfillment has been built from the ground up, and that is why so many event organizers and crowdfunding creators from Indiegogo and Kickstarter choose us to help take their events to the next level.

For event organizers, timing is everything. You need to make sure your products arrive as intended and on time. Miss a deadline and you could have a part of your event missing, and be stuck with a bunch of useless inventory that was created exclusively for your event. We understand this. When we put together an order fulfillment proposal for your special event, we work with you to comprehend everything you need from A to Z. What does this mean? Well, it is rather simple. We will get all the information that is important to your order fulfillment requirements. Deadlines, key event dates, supply chain details, bundling, kitting, and assembly requirements. Then we will provide you with a detailed proposal addressing everything we can do for you. It is this comprehensive approach that separates InterFulfillment from a typical order fulfillment center operation. This is why so many world-class event organizers turn to us time and again to ensure the success of their events. Organizations known around the world as the Canadian Paralympic Committee trust us time and again to meet their requirements, and we could not be more proud.

To the creators that make crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo such interesting marketplaces, we got you covered. What is something so often overlooked when it comes to crowdfunded projects? It is not the creation and manufacturing of the actual product, it is getting the product into the hands of your backers as promised and when promised. How often do backers experience delays because creators haven’t implemented a reliable crowdfunding order fulfillment plan once products are in hand? It happens a lot. But what if you can get the same great order fulfillment services that eCommerce merchants enjoy for your project? You can with InterFulfillment. We have Kickstarter and Indiegogo products coming in and out of our order fulfillment centers every day. We treat these orders with the same attention to detail and shipping deadlines as we do all our orders. As a matter of fact, many merchants who started their companies with crowdfunded projects and ended up launching their own websites and eCommerce sales channels after their campaigns return to InterFulfillment for 3PL shipping services. Sometimes creators require us to receive and handle order fulfillment for the Canadian marketplace, and in other cases, it is worldwide. We have viable solutions for both.

Here is a recent example. We have Nemo’s War, an exciting new board game created by Victory Point Games and launched on Kickstarter. The project was fully backed by backers that were super excited to get their hands on this product. And when you look at the product it is no surprise why. The artistic detail and quality look absolutely incredible!

Everything was manufactured to perfection and Victory Point Games just needed to get the product to their Canadian backer’s doors. As you can imagine, different level backers required different SKUs to get bundled and delivered. This is where InterFulfillment stepped in. After a detailed consultation, we put a cost-effective and timely plan in motion. One that would provide shipping speed and accuracy. Mission accomplished. Not only were we able to receive all the products in a timely fashion, but we were able to bundle them and ship them the very same day to backers all across Canada!

We took great care in bundling every order with great care. We wanted the products to arrive at the backers in the same condition we received them. Now, instead of backers complaining about shipping delays caused by in-house order fulfillment, they are singing their praises. Here are a couple of early reviews coming in.

“Received in Waterloo, Ontario! Looks great. My token sheet is properly aligned.” from Ontario, and “Received my copies (in Montreal) Canada. Token sheet looks great for me,” in Quebec. Another project with successful order fulfillment under our belt. One of many, and a prime example of what we can do for you and your crowdfunding project.

Finally, maybe you are running a one-time promotional campaign. You need to get samples of your products out to potential customers. You need an order fulfillment partner that understands you are trying to keep costs down as much as possible, but also make sure your parcels are delivered that leaves a positive impression of your brand. We understand these challenges and have proudly provided order fulfillment services for countless one-time promotional campaigns. Campaigns that have required unique bundling and assembly. We have put plans together that have kept costs down, and delivered well-put-together products to consumers.

The key is to understand one thing. Just because you have a one-time order fulfillment task to accomplish, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy world-class order fulfillment services. Reach out to InterFulfillment to request an order fulfillment quote. We will coordinate with you, and put together a plan that will not only help your special event or project succeed but also take it to the next level. And you will have the freedom to move on and start planning your next endeavor knowing your 3rd party logistics are in great, reliable hands.

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