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Does your agency need 3PL marketing order fulfillment services for product sampling distribution, promotional events, influencer marketing campaigns, or market research projects? Request a comprehensive quote below!

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"InterFulfillment is not a one-size-fits all order fulfillment solution. We understand that not only is every customer is different, but sometimes every job they need done is different. Each task requires specific services. That is what makes the front-runner in Canadian marketing agency order fulfillment!"

Marketing Order Fulfillment

Custom Shipping Specifications

We have the capabilities to follow all your unique order fulfillment specifications on a project by project basis.

What is 3PL Marketing Order Fulfillment?

Marketing order fulfillment is the act of picking, packing, and shipping items that are meant for promotional or market research purposes.

Never has this type of order fulfillment been more prevalent. Typically you will see marketing agencies, social media influencers, and other various companies require these services on their own behalf or on behalf of their partners and customers. The goal is to get products to consumers quickly and efficiently while following specific protocols or specifications set by the campaign or event organizers. InterFulfillment is the leading 3PL marketing order fulfillment company with fulfillment centers in both Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. Or experience providing project-based and eCommerce services lends itself to this type of shipping perfectly!

Canadian Marketing Order Fulfillment Experts

InterFulfillment fully understands that every project a marketing agency is spearheading is different. Many of them require following very strict packaging and shipping specifications in place by their customers and partners. Most of these projects are one-off deals with the opportunity for future business. We get it and that’s what makes us experts!

The advantages of 3PL Marketing Order Fulfillment by InterFulfillment

Personalized order fulfillment services geared towards marketers and marketing agencies so you can focus on what you do best.

Dedicated Account Management

InterFulfillment will provide your and your team dedicated account managers that will be with you from start to finish. This will ensure your marketing campaign order fulfillment will be exactly how you need it to be.

Access to Our Customer Portal

You will be able to upload your orders in batches or individually with our user-friendly customer portal. This means access to the same great online tools that all our customers enjoy on a daily basis. Real-time inventory data, and full control of your orders.

Customized Order Processing

You decide how your products will be packed and shipped and we will follow your specifications to the finest detail. We know how important branding and the unboxing experience is, and we take it seriously.

Scheduled Inventory Receiving

Book specific times for your inventory arrival with our support team. Each of your items will be entered into our system and ready to pick, pack and ship in a timely fashion.

“Highly professional fulfilment company which we used for a nationwide house party marketing campaign all across Canada. InterFulfilment were very reliable and friendly and we will definitely use them again.”
Giles Harris
CEO, Come Round Influencer Marketing

You are in good hands with InterFulfillment's flexible marketing order fulfillment services!

InterFulfillment Marketing Order Fulfillment FAQ

Typically marketing order fulfillment is geared toward very specific campaigns or events. Most 3PL companies in Canada only focus on standard order fulfillment, but InterFulfillment has the experience and expertise to serve temporary accounts with the same excellence as we do permanent ones.

The only way we can answer this is if we can truly understand the scope and requirements of your event or campaign order fulfillment services. That all begins with requesting a quote! Don’t hesitate, we are always happy to review your marketing projects and put together a quote and timeline. You can always count on InterFulfillment doing its very best to accommodate you!

Truly, the best way to maintain margins and keep costs low is to use our RateShop system. When enabled this will automatically choose the most cost effective carrier for each of your parcels. This can really add up to saving you a ton on shipping costs. That being said, you have full control of the carrier that will deliver your parcels, and can choose any of the major carriers we offer!

You name it! We are as flexible as marketing agencies are! That is truly what makes us such a great fit. Do you need your items in a swag-bag? Do you need them delivered to one location for an event? Maybe you need each one delivered to locations around the world. Picking, packing, kitting, assembly, it is all done the way you and your partners need it done.

Yes, our order fulfillment warehouse facilities in both Vancouver and Toronto, Canada are equipped to process orders specifically geared to a marketing campaign or event. All of our Warehouse Associates are comprehensively trained by our managers and supervisors and truly understand the importance of following your exact specifications.

As soon as you request a quote, we will be in touch with you to outline the order fulfillment services you need. We will put together a personalized proposal for you, and once your review and sign it, you are all set to ship your inventory to us. Once your inventory arrives and your account is set-up, you are ready to start shipping immediately!

Have any other specific questions about InterFulfillment? Request a quote or contact us!

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All information provided will be kept confidential and only used to provide applicants with a free cost-analysis.