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Our bi-directional open API’s allows you to integrate directly with InterFulfillment so that you’ll be able to:

  • Create a new, custom cart connection
  • Integrate InterFulfillment into an existing checkout process or ERP system
  • Create, track and edit your orders
  • Manage your inventory levels
  1. Order Submission: Have your orders submitted directly into our software as you receive them in your cart, ERP or WMS system.
  2. Order Tracking: Retrieve your customers tracking details and keep them updated on their expected delivery time in as little as 24 hours.
  3. Inventory Report: Keep track of your inventory status at all times and maintain good stock levels.
  4. Manage Your Orders: You can monitor your orders to find out their status (opened or closed) or simply cancel an order.
File Import : Sample .txt Document You can always batch upload your orders using our spreadsheet and import it as .txt file: Instructions:

  1. Fill out each column on this spreadsheet with order specific information.
  2. Delete rows one and two and instructions
  3. Save the file as a text (tab-delimited) file .txt
  4. Import your completed file at the Order Import page located under the Shipping function of the program.
  5. View next sheet for detailed example

Critical Information:

  1. Column headers marked in blue are required. Column headers marked in white are optional.
  2. Click on column headers for detailed instruction on what to enter into that column.
  3. Refer to the Example tab for an example of how a properly filled out import spreadsheet should look.


Online Account: User Friendly Interface To get started immediately, simply enter your orders directly into our software. How it works:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the Shipping tab & Create an Order
  3. Enter your order details

interface01 Ship to:

  1. Click the ShipTo tab & Edit button.
  2. Enter your clients shipping address details.

interface02 Carrier & Routing:

  1. Click on the Carrier & Routing tab & Edit button
  2. Enter your preferred Carrier, Service Level and Billing method
  3. If applicable, enter instructions for warehouse and/or carrier and choose optional delivery service (Delivery Confirmation, COD etc.)

interface03 Line Item:

  1. Click on Line Items & Add button
  2. Select your SKU & Qty to ship
  3. Save or Save & New
  4. Click Manage or Complete